University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is one of the largest universities of Central Europe. Traditionally it has strong international relations in research and teaching and continually expands them. 63.000 students are currently enrolled at the University. The university’s research efforts rely on approximately 6100 scientists. From the University of Vienna the Vienna Media Education (Department for Education and Human development, Faculty for Philosophy and Educational Sciences) will participate in INTUITEL. The Vienna Media Education has comprising expertise in the cooperation in international research projects and in the presentation of project results in congresses, exhibitions and papers. e-learning is the main research focus of the Vienna Media Education. The metadata ontology of the web- didactic-concept has been developed, researched and improved for 8 years.


Due to its experience with ontologies, the University of Vienna has been chosen to lead the “Ontology Acquisition”. The research team will enter its existing pedagogical ontology into the project and contribute to the definition and content production for one of the domain specific ontologies to be used in the project. In the second year, the University of Vienna will deliver important contribution to the Learner progress Model and to the reasoning process performed by the INTUITEL Engine.