Universidad de Valladolid

The University of Valladolid, with its origins at the beginning of the 13th century, is a public university located in the Spanish Region of “Castilla y León”. At present, 24 centres teach some 25.000 students covering about 80 graduate degrees, as well as numerous postgraduate and PhD programmes. The dedication of almost 2.800 lecturers and researchers as well as 1070 administrative and service staff ensures that the University of Valladolid meets the demands of society in terms of teaching and research quality.

The institution is involved in significant research work in the fields of humanities, social sciences, experimental sciences, architecture and engineering as well as biomedical sciences. The University of Valladolid manages around 740 research projects financed through competitive public R+D+I calls (European, national or regional), and approximately 500 contracts and agreements aimed at the transfer of knowledge and technology, amounting to an average value of over fifteen million Euros per annum.

As a result of this research work, the University of Valladolid holds 57 patents and annually publishes around 800 articles in journals listed in the Science Citation Index SCI, around 250 books, and is present at many national and international congresses with over 1 900 papers and communications.

The research group that is involved in this project belongs to the Telecomunications School of this University. It has as one of its fields of work the application of Information and Communication Technologies to the learning process. The members of the group have focused their research on new e-learning technologies, intelligent tutoring systems, as well as on competitive and collaborative e-learning. They have developed several products for the Moodle platform and have also experience in the development of ontologies, as well as wide experience in national and international projects of software development.


The main contribution of the University of Valladolid (UVa) is facilitating the use of INTUITEL in Moodle. It is the lead participant of the work package titled “Open Source LMS Integration”, devoted to the integration of the open-source LMS Ilias and Moodle with other components of the INTUITEL system. Besides, it will contribute also to other work packages:

UVa will develop the three interfaces needed to enable Moodle to communicate with the Intuitel system and contribute to the definition of the data model by a XML schema.
UVa will develop the cognitive model for a knowledge domain in which the partipants are pedagogical experts.
UVa will contribute to the specification of the new metadata model called the Semantic Learning Object Model (SLOM), acting as semantic modellers. Besides it will contribute as software developers to the development of a module to retrieve and insert SLOM data into Wiki pages.
UVa will act as software architects contributing to its first task to define the structural architecture of the INTUITEL engine. Besides it will test the prototype against data provided by WP12.
UVa’s contribution will be also testing of the Intuitel Merger prototype.
Lastly, as the other members of the consortium, UVA will participate in dissemination activities and care for final exploitation of the results.