Lattanzio Learning S.p.A.

Lattanzio Learning (formerly eXact learning solutions,  formerly Giunti Labs), is a leading provider of learning content management solutions and services. The company has an international presence and over 20 years of experience in the IT field as applied to the Content, Learning & Knowledge Management market. The company has worldwide more than 100 clients, including corporates, public sector organizations and national and international universities.

Lattanzio Learning offers a wide range of products for Content, Learning & Knowledge Management. eXact learning LCMS is the first European Learning Content Management System (LCMS), fully XML-based, conforming to e-learning international standards to author professional content from disparate sources and legacy systems and deliver them through desktops, mobile devices, wearable computers and DTTV.

Lattanzio Learning’s R&D focuses on the development of several research branches within content and knowledge management, e-learning and e-Publishing:

new generation architectures for the integration of e-Learning, content & knowledge  management
digital market place and federation of digital repositories
the creation of highly interactive learning content (e.g. immersive learning virtual worlds)
innovative solutions for the creation of mobile learning environment-oriented services: context-awareness and location-based services, in WI-FI, GPRS and UMTS architectures.

Lattanzio Learning is one of the most important European e-learning research centres involved in more than 30 EC projects since FP5.


Thanks to its experience in LMS development, Lattanzio Learning has been chosen to lead the LMS Enhancement. It will coordinate the scientific work to specify the USE/TUG/LORE interface and its implementation into all LMSs present in the project. The main focus of Lattanzio Learning in the INTUITEL project is the set-up of the integration of eXact learning LCMS with the INTUITEL technology.

Lattanzio Learning will also contribute to the development of the SLOM, help to define the INTUITEL Engine (WP5) and participate in the definition of the INTUITEL Editor for metadata. Based on long experience in e-learning, Lattanzio Learning has wide-ranging knowledge of e-learning standards and extensive experience in developing related authoring and management tools and services.