International University of La Rioja

International University of La Rioja (UNIR) is a young online university founded on a global vision of education directly linked to companies and business. UNIR facilitates an exclusive, innovative and high quality virtual model of higher education, which leans on a personalized, pro-active, and collaborative distance learning method of instruction.

UNIR is an academic institution established in compliance with the current regulations governing universities (100% open university), fulfilling all parameters and regulations of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

UNIR provides international courses, in English and Spanish, and comprises an academic community of over 300 highly knowledgeable lecturers across the world, along with a strong team of more than 400 multidisciplinary professionals, working on R&D projects and support services.

Research at UNIR covers the various scientific and humanistic fields of study (i.e. Communication, Social Science, Education, et cetera), with particular emphasis on the information and communication technologies (ICT) applied to education (Technology-Enhanced Learning).

UNIR develops various programmes and research lines in Technology-enhanced Learning, within the framework of the Spanish National R&D&i Plan 2008-2011, as well as within those of the EU 7th Framework Programme. For instance:

a)      Recommendation system for Online Social Networks and LMS. It is based on personal behaviour, records and profile, and it also retrieves collective performance that feeds the system to provide predictions;

b)      Stakeholders and community building in social networks, and interactions strategies based on personal and group behaviour and performance, along with personal profiles;

c)      Integration and interoperability of developments. Deep knowledge of standards and Learning Management Systems, and how to facilitate communication.

d)      Extensive expertise on project exploitation and time-to-market strategies for project outcomes.


UNIR is leader of the activities to create the INTUITEL Merger, devoted to the development of software that merges several Semantic Object Learning Model (SLOM) input sources into a common representation according to the SLOM container format. The INTUITEL Merger is a software tool used independently of other building blocks. The resulting SLOM stream may be edited with the INTUITEL Editor – which might be necessary in order to improve the ontological basis of the data.

UNIR will develop the software that merges several SLOM input sources into a common representation according to the SLOM container format.

UNIR contributes in the following further areas of the project:

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Enhancement
Cognitive Modeling
Learning Progress Model
Interface to INTUITEL Engine
Semantic LO Model (SLOM)
Open Source LMS Integration
Dissemination and Exploitation
Pedagogical Testing
Artificial test learners