Holon Institute of Technology

The Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) is an institution of higher education (4000 students) that specializes in the scientific, professional, social and cultural aspects of advanced technology. HIT Faculties offer undergraduate and graduate studies in Engineering, Sciences, Computer Science, Management of Technology, Design and Instructional Technologies. HIT supports multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical research of innovative technologies from a professional scientific, economic and cultural perspective. HIT faculty has received research grants from the National Science Foundation, bi-national funds between Israel and the United States, Germany, France and Japan, NATO Science Program, as well as research funds established by the Ministries of Science, the Environment and Industry & Trade. HIT faculty was involved in EU- PF6 projects UROOF (as coordinator) and EuroMagNET and in EU- PF7 projects.

The Department of Instructional Technologies (IST) was established at HIT in 2004, to respond the increasing demand within educational frameworks, public institutions, organizations and hi-tech companies for professionals specializing in the design, development and management of technology-enhanced instructional systems. The department offers a 3-years undergraduate program fully dedicated to train to train professionals that would support and promote the effective exploitation of information and communication technologies for learning, instruction and training in all types of organizations and institutions. The IST faculty is deeply involved in the promotion of technology enhanced learning trough a wide spectrum of research and development activities and training programs.


The HIT team brings extensive pedagogical experience and research skills in issues related to instructional technology and the use of LMS systems. The HIT team will take part in WP 2-5 and WP8, mainly contributing the pedagogical aspects of the developed modules.

The HIT team will lead WP 12 (Pedagogical Testing). This WP is dedicated to the pedagogical testing of the system components and the integrated INTUITEL system. The pedagogical testing will evaluate the semantic completeness as well as the achievement of meaningful pedagogical results and users’ satisfaction. Test scenarios will be developed for Lab tests thorough out the project as each module is developed and tested separately. In more advanced stages integrated test scenarios will be coordinated putting the INTUITEL solution in real learning situations in both academic and corporate settings. Pedagogical testing is a horizontal task in the project, closely integrated with the other WPs and providing feedback to them.