FZI Research Center for Information Technology

As a non-profit institution, established more than 25 years ago by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the University of Karlsruhe (now Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), FZI Research Center for Information Technology delivers the results of scientific research directly to you. FZI supports businesses and public institutions in implementing the latest methods and findings gained through scientific research on information technology in the fields of information technology, engineering and economics for economic success. As an independent research institution, FZI works for companies and public institutions regardless of company size: from small business to large corporations, from local public administrations to the European Union.

The research division Information Process Engineering (IPE) analyses, evaluates and designs innovative solutions for distributed processing of structured and unstructured information. IPE establishes intelligent information logistics within intra- and inter-enterprise business processes.

The research division IPE is devoted to resources, information and knowledge and develops IT-based services. IPE research covers all aspects of modern, flexible and context-aware information processes in value networks, ranging from distributed web-based computer infrastructures, intelligent design and processing of information structures, and, processes and services to the level of business administration and organizational embedding, which not only combine complementary skills, but also possess comprehensive understanding of the entire field.

Within IPE the team “Knowledge Management – WIM” uses and develops semantic technologies, machine learning and social software for intelligent knowledge processing.


In the INTUITEL project, FZI is involved in the modelling and processing of semantic information. On the one hand, FZI acts as ontology design and modelling expert and works in close collaboration with the domain and pedagogical expert in the project. To this end, FZI participates in the development of ontologies for the semantic representation of the learner’s state, pedagogical knowledge, as well as knowledge about the learning domains. On the other hand, FZI acts as a semantic and machine-based reasoning expert by contributing to the INTUITEL Engine, which utilises the developed ontologies to provide learning object recommendations. Thereby, a software component is developed that turns the semantic model into a query that is consequently answered by an automatic reasoning broker engine. This broker is also provided by FZI and integrated in a way that it can handle the complex aspects relevant for pedagogical reasoning, while maintaining scalability.

FZI is further leading the work package devoted to the specification of a new metadata model, called the Semantic Learning Object Model (SLOM), which allows to place pedagogical and domain specific knowledge alongside learning material. Also, a new installable module for the Semantic Media Wiki software is written to retrieve SLOM data from wiki pages, inject SLOM data into wiki pages, define and seed (generate informative content for) new wiki pages w.r.t. to a SLOM instance.