Speeches at LEARNTEC 2015 on the topic of INTUITEL:

  • Basics, state of the art and recent developments (by Prof. Dr. Peter A. Henning, V. Prof. Mag. Dr. Christian Swertz)
  • USE/TUG/LORE: User Score Extraction, Tutorial Guidance and Learning Object Recommendation for arbitrary LMS (by Kevin Fuchs)
  • Using Text Segmentation Algorithms for the Automatic Generation of E-Learning Courses (by Alexander Streicher, Andrea Zielinski)

INTUITEL Final Project Event

The INTUITEL final conference was successfully hosted by FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe on 18th June 2015. Under the motto „Next Generation e-Learning: Adaptive Environments for mainstream Learning Management Systems” about 50 experts from the field of e- learning listened to presentations from the INTUITEL Consortium and experienced live-demonstrations of INTUITEL enabled systems.

Moreover, the Consortium has also developed a new project video, explaining the basic concepts of INTUITEL enabled systems. If you want to watch the video click here;
for more background information on the conference and presentations click here.